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Notice of Possible Quorum of Town Board Members: NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC:   This notice is given to inform the public that a quorum of Town of Palmyra Board members may be in attendance at the Palmyra Father’s Day Fly-In breakfast, scheduled for June 15, 2024.  This is a social event where a quorum MAY  be present.  No Town business will be conducted, and this event is merely a social gathering.   Michele Smith, Clerk/Treasurer Town of Palmyra (262) 495-2049

Issues with some residents not getting notices from the Website.

Town WebSupport has found that the email [email protected], in which the current automatic email notifications are being sent from, is causing the issue with some residents not receiving those notifications.  Below is a write up from Town WebSupport on the possible causes of this issue and the solution we will be pursuing.
Cause:  There are several factors that prohibit the guarantee of 100% delivery. These include, but are not limited to: recipients “blocking” previous email announcements or reporting them as “spam” versus one-click unsubscribing. Unfortunately, if enough messages get flagged as spam by users, the more likely it will be for future emails to be flagged as spam automatically by major email providers.
The solution: create a new dedicated email account from which the notifications are sent – [email protected]  Having a branded email as the sender of these alerts will probably add to the credibility of the email notifications, and people will be less likely to flag them as unwanted emails.
However, Town WebSupport cannot guarantee that the issue won’t appear again at some point in the future, as this feature depends on people’s actions who receive these notifications, and it’s important for them to simply unsubscribe if they don’t want to receive any more updates and not flag/block the email address. Thus, it is impossible for Town WebSupport to guarantee 100% deliverability, but throughput should increase by using a new dedicated email address. 
If you know of anyone that is experiencing the issue of not receiving notifications please have them reach out to the Town Clerk/Treasurer at [email protected].